Lower School Poetry

Truth – Middle School

Winner of the Middle School Poetry Competition, written by third-former Finlay Sanders.

Estimated read time: < 1 minute

Truth is as eternal as time, 
Yet absent in many, 
As constant as the coming of season, 
Though rarer than gold. 

Behind one’s veil of darkness, 
Behind a screen of marble, 
An iron curtain, a false front 
Luxury oblivious and pure, 
A land of extravagance, 
Of poppies and charms, 
That hush and subdue. 

A life of lies; 
How sweet it is, 
A suppression of pain, 
Of honeyed roses, 
Of syrupy indulgence. 
So easy it is to forget, 
The undying thorns. 

The midnight seeds, 
like bullets etched 
Into the fleshy crimson petals, 
The many torn from society, 
Loathed akin to a blood-shod gash; 
The many ruthlessly killed, 
As victims of hate. 

How painless, how easy it is, 
To burrow under a coat of lies. 

By Finlay Sanders

Lower School Poetry

TRUTH – Lower School

Winner of the Lower School Poetry Competition, written by first former George Hewlett.

Estimated read time: < 1 minute

In the jungle of lies, everything is a mystery, 
opinions twisted, compressed, turned upon themselves in the darkness. 
Reality itself turned upon its head, tampered with, contorted and changed 
in the thick dense jungle of lies. 

It expands constantly, changing shape, changing form, whatever is necessary to achieve its will. 
Illusion, delusion, deceit, deception – these are all found in the jungle of lies. 

Now truth, a shining light, piercing the thick dense darkness. 
Illuminating all it touches, enlightening the shadows of uncertainty that were before. 
Nothing, in the end, can escape from the radiant touch of truth.  It will uncover the darkest secrets penetrating everything, regardless of time. 
Time is not a problem for truth. 
Like pure water, truth will infiltrate everywhere, even seeping into the mind. 
Nothing can escape the power of  


By George Hewlett